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We pay the rental deposit on your behalf and you pay us back in small affordable monthly instalments. Match the loan with our deposit investment product to get interest on the loan from as low as 14%
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Rental Deposit Investment

Use our Deposit Investment product to invest rental deposits with peace of mind that it is compliant with Rental Housing Act (RHA) regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GraceNineteen's aim?

Our aim is to provide relevant financial products to assist tenants to begin their property rental journey and to further support them in their journey of becoming first time homeowners.
For landlords, we aim to support them with our financial products to add to their efficiency and compliance in the management of their rental properties.

What does each of GraceNineteen's products do?

Rental Deposit Investment Product - Ensures that rental deposits are invested and managed as per the Rental Housing Act (RHA). Tenants are protected against no deposit refunds, delayed deposit refunds, inadequate interest earned on rental deposits and unfair deductions on rental deposits. This product also helps tenants to start thinking of their rental deposits as part of their investment portfolio.

Landlords do not have to worry about the admin of opening and managing tenant’s rental deposit investment accounts as prescribed by the Rental Housing Act (RHA), our Deposit Investment Product takes care of that.

Rental Deposit Lending Product - Provides financial support to assist tenants with deposit shortfalls. This product links to our deposit investment product so that a tenant is still protected even when they fund their rental deposit with a loan.

Future Home Buyer Product – Enables individuals to save towards the buying of their first home, or an investment property. It helps people flag the vision of buying their own homes very early in their financial journey.

Where does GraceNineteen invest the rental deposits?

All rental deposits with GraceNineteen are invested with Investec Bank.

What are the GraceNineteen fees?

Once-off Onboarding fee = R63, paid upfront by the tenant.
Rental Deposit Investment admin fee = 1.5% (exclusive of VAT) paid yearly by the tenant.
Rental Deposit Lending fee = TBC
Future Home Buyer fee = TBC

What documents are required to activate the Rental Deposit Investment Product?

Proof of identity - does not need to be certified for S.A citizens and can be uploaded as a picture. Must be certified for foreign nationals.
Proof of address - not older than 3 months. If it is a lease agreement, it should not be older than 1 year. Must be certified for foreign nationals.

How do I activate a Deposit Investment Product?

Go to to activate your deposit investment product. Should you encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team on You can also click here to watch a tutorial video.

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